True Crime in San Diego:
Real crimes illustrated by real people.

Assault in North Park
Leaving the bar with two women doesn't quite
work out the way the victim was hoping.

Tampering with Food
"Man, I always knew the guy in the deli
department was a dick."

Assault at a Shell Station in Mira Mesa
No ID, no beer leads to a crowbar to the

Assault (stabbing) in Swan Canyon
Man rolls up in a wheelchair, then runs...RUNS...
away after stabbing a guy with a screwdriver.

Murder suspect tased in North Park
What started out as a traffic investigation leads to
a murder victim, but not before the suspect takes
50,000 volts.

Interested in illustrating a crime report for an upcoming
issue of Genetic Disorder? Drop us a line! There's just way
too many crimes in America's Finest City going
unillustrated. The citizens of San Diego need your help.

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